28 Day No Spending Challenge Day 8

A new week and a new theme!

no spending


Last week the focus was on food.  I know we here in the Holmberg House make hasty decisions when we are hungry, like ordering pizza because we are too tired to cook.  But I’m giving us a pass on that because we have a baby…and she wants mom. all. the. time.

But this week, the focus will be on our surroundings.  CLEANING.  Yay!!!  Hopefully yay.  Today we will be doing a bit of decluttering, and some more laundry all in preparation for tomorrow’s big clean.  Which is timely because it’s the only day The Hubby is home really.  We are in the throes of Tax Season right now and it’s really hard.

Once you’ve decluttered a bit, gather all of your cleaning supplies for tomorrow’s big clean.  But don’t go running out to buy something if you are out!  Check out Ruth’s list of homemade cleaning supplies!

10 Green & Thrifty Cleaning Products {via Living Well Spending Less}

Here are a few of mine as well:

More homemade cleaning recipes:



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