28 Day no spending challenge day 9

Are you ready to clean??

no spending


I’ve never been a neat freak, but I married one…so I guess I need to become one by osmosis.  Not that I am a slob, but clutter just doesn’t phase me the way that it does the Hubby.  However, now that I spend lots of time  nearly every waking moment at home, I notice it so much more!

So today we will be tackling some of the things that irk me the most. And I figured we could start with the task that I dread the most, which is always the bathroom.  Ugh.  I loathe cleaning the bathroom.  I always feel so accomplished when it’s done.  But we have 2, so I will feel doubly accomplished today!

I am also taking down the pack and play.  It’s been in the living room since The Babe was about 3 weeks old, and she won’t sleep in it.  It’s just become a clutter catcher, and I want my home gym stuff back in our living room where I can see it it can stare me in the face and remind me to use it.  We sold the bike over the summer, to the apartment complex actually, so it’s just some weights, a kettlebell and my yoga mats, but it will be a good reminder that I can do a lot in the 15 minutes that The Babe naps.

Later this week I’ll be getting to the nursery, which also is very, very cluttered right now.  With baby stuff that has been out grown, stuff not yet used, and my maternity clothes.  Plus I got ambitious and pulled out some of my regular clothes, only to find out that…HA…they are waaaaaaaaaaay too small yet.  So some of this needs to go back into storage, sold or donated.  I had started that process a few weeks back…but The Babe, she has a way of distracting me from important tasks with her hypnotic eyes…

Come play with me...hold me....LOVE ME!


Once the nursery is clean I will finally be able to share the cuteness of it!

But the main focus for today (see she has a way…) are the main living areas, bathrooms and our bedroom.


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