28 Day No Spending Challenge Day 10

Today’s the day of the nursery!

no spending

After my Mom’s In Training Committee meeting this morning, we came home and settled in to do some more cleaning!

And today’s task (with a few things left from yesterday) is to get after The Babe’s room.  I had begun the process of sorting out her unused/outgrown stuff a few weeks back; but now is the time to really dig into it and pass along the things we no longer need, or can’t use.

I have several piles going, Godwill, sell, donate to a crisis nursery/battered women’s shelter, and save.  I’ve been adding things to this basket that I want to save…a preemie outfit, a few little nostalgic rather than practical outfits…to go along with all of her other memorabilia like the ultrasound photos, and baby shower invitation and the cards she’s gotten with gifts.

Aww...such tiny clothes!

And I really had my mind set on finishing a few decorative projects that I’d started to finish off her nursery.  Her walls were so plain and blank!!  I still have more to do, but this was a start!

Gallery wall

She really loves these hoops with the fabric!  She plays with them during diaper changes, and can’t stop staring at them!  We’ve even moved them out to the living room on occasion because she can’t hang out on the changing table all day!!

Her room still needs more work this week, so if I can tackle just one or two things a day…she will have a finished room by Valentines Day!


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