28 Day No Spending Challenge Day 11

Today’s task is to tackle the home office/desk

no spending


When we did this set up it was mostly organized…

New office space


But we’ve added new items, and moved others…not to mention added a second monitor, so that The Hubbs can work from home if needed.  And since having The Babe it’s gotten, like most every other room in the apartment, a little out of hand.  I spend lots of time here in the early morning, it where I pump…and where I do the finances, and write this lil ol blog.  But rarely do I spend time here cleaning and organizing.  The space is really limited here, so we’ve gotten creative with the storage of office supplies.  It’s not my dream office, but for now it works.

So I spent a little time today going through the file tray, and sorting out the trash, junk and stuff to file.  I didn’t finish in the 30 minutes that The Babe napped today, so stay tuned for the before and after pics later this week on reflection day.

I still need to sort a few more piles, and file stuff away.  Also I’d like to add some labels to the two small drawer units that hold the small office supplies, like pens, pencils and post its.



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