28 Day No Spending Challenge Day 12

Today is day 12 of the 28 Day no spending challenge

no spending

And my mission today is to tackle our bedroom closet.


I really am not in love with anything in my closet right now.  It’s probably because I am still a frumpy mess, and most of the cute stuff is in boxes for my future 120 pound self.  A lot of what is in my closet is maternity or nursing friendly.  I have one pair of jeans that fits that is non-maternity…and I like them but they are about 9 inches too long.  And I could take the time to hem them (HA!! time…) but I don’t want to invest that time because I don’t want to be in them that long.

I cringe every time I need to get “dressed” to go somewhere.  And by dressed I mean something other than lounge or PJ pants and a tee shirt.  Because that is my Mommy uniform these days if we aren’t leaving the house.  I look in my closet and see things that I got just because they fit, not because I loved them, or because they were flattering.  Some things I got to camouflage the squishy post-baby belly, or things that I could hide in.  But there are very few things there that I truly love.

Now, my closet is not confined just to my closet, I have clothes in my dresser, things like tees and the lounge pants.  And I also store even more clothes in these boxes in our entertainment center in our room.  Not all of them belong to me!

And even more clothes in storage.  But again…those are the cute skinny clothes that I am working to get back into, and summer clothes.

I generally do the “6 Month Test” when cleaning out my closet.  If I have not worn it in 6 months then, it needs to go.  But I live in MinneSNOWta, and 6 Months doesn’t get us into the next season some years.  So then I move on to the “Do I love it?” game.  And sometimes I don’t want to part with things because I love them, but they don’t look good on me.  They look good on me in my mind…but not so much in the mirror.  Then again I am my own worst critic, so I think I should involve a partner in this matter.  I always help The Hubby shop, but I never take him with me when I shop, for a second opinion.  It never even occurred to me.  Plus, he’s not the biggest fan of shopping, so I’m gonna go ahead and say he’d decline that invitation.

So because I only had a few minutes I just pulled out the stuff that I don’t like, or won’t ever wear (again), and put it in the sell/donate pile in the nursery.

At this point I am very much looking forward to my big shopping spree at the end of this weight loss journey 2.0.

Yes I order my closet by color and sleeve length.  It’s a holdover from my retail days at The Gap.  I also separated my “normal” clothes from the nursing and maternity clothes.  Just to give you an idea of just how much there is.  Not all of that is made to be nursing, but there are some great faux wrap tops in there from Target and Cabi that work really well for nursing.

after-ish closet

I had already gone through the dresser a few weeks back and gotten rid of a lot of stuff that I no longer need, so thank goodness that was already done!


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