Mommy Uncensored: Confessions of a co-sleeper

1.18.14 006

I love having The Babe snuggled in the middle of our bed.  It’s so good for her, and I get sleep.  Although I have been transitioning her to her own bed this last week, just so that I can get some more sleep.  And it’s made me a far more patient Mommy, although I cannot say the same for her.  But most mornings, like today, she ends up back in our bed around 7am for her morning feeding and then she’s back to dream land.

Looking back on the first few months of her life, I really wish that I would have just brought her into our bed, rather than sleep on the sofa.


It was a miserable time for me.  We have leather sofas, and at the time a broken heating vent (it was stuck pumping hot air at about 90 degrees into our 3rd floor, already sweltering apartment.), not to mention the swirling vortex that is nursing, milk production and engorgement….boobs=portable space heaters.  But having a C-section made it impossible to get into and out of our big bed.


But finally at about 2 months PP I could pull myself up there so we all snuggled in at night.  It was awesome.  The Hubby slept, The Babe slept…and I…well not so much.  I’ve never been a good sleeper as an adult.  I toss and turn…and stare at the ceiling.  And of course I am married to a bed hog, and also made one.  So I very often find myself on the every edge of the bed, with my butt hanging off, and my head on the nightstand.

Two weekends ago I made the decision to transition her to her crib at night.  The quality of my sleep when she is in bed with us is just crap.  And for a whole week…she slept all night in her bed.  And the whole week…she was miserably crabby.  So it seems the quality of her sleep when Mama is not there is crap.  She’s been a really good nighttime sleeper.  I think at about 2 months she was sleeping through the night…but that is when I finally went back to our bed.

But Saturday night was a different story.  She had been just a screaming, unhappy mess pretty much all day.  Anti pants, and acting as if the car seat was a medieval torture device.  One of those days that just wears on my patience.  So I caved.  I brought her to bed with us after 4 unsuccessful attempts to get her to sleep in her bed.  She would wake every time I’d put her in her crib.  And there is no laying her down when she’s still awake.

So it looks like we are back to co-sleeping.  Which is fine.  I miss her snuggles, and she sleeps so much better at night when I’m near.  I know that many co-sleeping nay-sayers would say I’m doing it wrong because she’s not in a co-sleeper proper.  She’s in the middle of our king sized bed.  That she’s not safe… but I don’t care.  She’s near me, warm and snuggled in.  She feels the warmth of my breast, and my breath on her skin.  She feels safe and that is all that matters to me.  And it’s not just me that sees the benefits to co-sleeping.  Check out this article on Ask Dr. Sears about the benefits of co-sleeping.  Cafemom also has a great list of benefits to co-sleeping.

There was also this wonderful article in Breastfeeding Today Magazine, by the LLL.  It’s more about holding your baby…but the article had some really great points that carried over into the night time routine for me.

Do/did you co-sleep?  Did you use a co-sleeper, or side-car?


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