28 Day No Spending Challenge Day 14

And it’s reflection day again.

no spending


It’s time again to look back on all of hard work this week.  Which in my case isn’t much.  But I did get some work done in the nursery, the office and my bedroom, so I guess that’s not bad.  And I have a clean bathroom.

I know I promised finished photos of the nursery and office today…but alas…I have none to show you since they are still a work in progress.  However…we have a weekend coming up!  Which means that I will have another set of hands on Sunday!  I hope to wrap up a few things on Sunday and then I can share my progress!

No joke…trying to get anything done with The Babe is nearly impossible.  When The Hubs asks if I can tackle a task during the day…I have to stifle a giggle.  He gets frustrated when I reply with “I’ll try”…but it’s true and it’s not just me.

I came across this blog post by Mama Seeds about how new moms don’t get anything done.  And it helped make me feel much better about my counter of dirty dishes and the fact that I am out of clean underwear.

And on this second week of reflection I will confess…

We are so far off the no-spending wagon all I see is it’s dust.

Ugh.  We are both so busy, and it’s Tax Season…so meals of convenience are the name of the game.  For both of us.  I am a little disappointed, and have considered calling it on this challenge…but I want to finish it out and I think we will try again and get serious about it when The Hubby is not working 60-70 hour weeks.  It’s just too hard to do this on my own.  But 2 more weeks of this challenge and we will see where it gets us!


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