28 Day No Spending Challenge Day 18

We are on day 18 of our 28 Day No Spending Challenge.  10 days left…I am starting to see the end!

Today is a Spa day!

A well earned spa day I might add.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had much pampering.  I think the last “spa treatments” I had were a few weeks before The Babe was born.  I went to the local beauty school, conveniently located across the street and got a mani/pedi.  And while it was nice to have someone else do it, only because I could not reach my toes…it was sort of a waste of time and money.  No disrespect to the tech…and I totally get that they are learning…but a normal mani/pedi and my usual place takes about an hour.  This one was nearly 3 hours.  So anyway…on to the pampering.

no spending

I would love to paint my toenails.  Not that I am going anywhere that my feet will be showing…but I am tired of looking at bare, plain toes.  It would be a little something to make me feel like a normal gal again.

spa day

Here are some fun DIY spa day things you can do at home!

DIY Gel Mani/Pedi

DIY Coconut oil and honey hair mask

Also a little meditation goes a long way to feeling refreshed.  Check out some playlists on YouTube today and take 10 minutes to be still and clear your mind.


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