Winsday Wednesday – celebrating NSVs

I think that it is really important in any weightloss journey to celebrate NSVs, or Non-Scale Victories.  I know for me personally I get way too wrapped up in the number on the scale.  I put all of my self-worth into what number I see staring back at me.  If it’s not what I anticipate, or doesn’t reflect the hard work and sacrifice I have put into my week I get very frustrated and angry with myself.

burn all the calories

So I am trying something new.  I want to make sure that I take one day a week to focus on victories other than what that scale says.  Because that scale doesn’t tell me how I am doing as a Mom, or wife.  As a friend or as a woman.  It will not tell me that I am stronger than I think, and that I can do this.  It does not cheer me on, or motivate me to run longer, do one more rep, or eat cleaner.

This go round I’d like to take the focus off of the scale entirely.  And only focus on eating clean, and getting fit.  But for me to see progress I do need to weigh in and see where I am at.  I joined a DietBet this month, thinking that it would motivate me to get after it a bit more.  But I haven’t.  In fact the number on the scale went up and not down as I had wanted.  So I have been avoiding it for a while.  And while it’s hard to forget that the scale is there. I think I’ve done pretty well just not thinking about it.

So, what else can I focus on?

Right now I am focusing on my family.  Recruiting for Moms In Training, and getting myself set up for success by finding what does motivate me, and what I can do to make fitness a regular part of my life.  But I really encourage you find things that you can celebrate (not with cake!) on your journey that are going well.  Sit down and make a list of accomplishments that push you and motivate you.

When I feel like I can’t find the time, or energy to go workout, or make a proper meal I just think back to my Women’s Half Marathon…I ran that sucker!  That moment makes me proud of myself.  Or the times that I got to work out 1×1 with my run coach for TNT, Coach Jan at The Fixx.  She kicked my butt and I remember being so proud and excited that I was running up and down the street with sandbags, and slamming a tractor tire with a sledgehammer!  That was awesome!

The Fixx!


So today, take a few minutes and write down some victories from the last 6 weeks and post them where you can see them everyday.  Use these as a reminder when you get down, or are feeling challenged in your day.

Remember: you can do this.


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