Triday Friday – My new workout schedule

I have been working on my training over the last few weeks for my Virtual Ironman Boulder, and while I’ve gotten a few miles in, I really need to step it up!  But I wanted to dedicate at least 1 day a week to do all three events that are in an Ironman/Tri.  Obviously not the same thing here…but I will be squeezing these into the 2 hour time block I get for daycare for The Babe.

So finally here it is!

I have two sets here.  One is a Mini-Tri…meaning I am setting myself a 30 minute limit for each event, to swim, bike and run as far as possible.  The second set is for time, so I will be working on my speed here.  The plan is to alternate these every other week.  My goal in this is that by the second Mini-Tri set that I’ve beaten my distance from the previous set, and the same with the For Time set.  Again for the timed set I have 2 hours to complete it, well actually just under 2 hours taking into account the daycare dropping off and locker room trips.

Tri-day friday

This week’s workout might be tricky!  My parents are in town and we are very excited to see them!  I am hoping that I can squeeze this in right away in this morning before heading over to meet up with them.

Lucky them and luck us…they get to babysit and The Hubbs and I get to go see Jeremy Messersmith!  He’s a local musical genius and we really love his music.  I am really looking forward to it!

Mid-day Update…

I did not get to the gym this morning, thanks to the Snowmageddon of 2014.  And my parents are stuck at home because the state closed the roads.  I am not even sure that we will get to our concert today!


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