28 Day No Spending Challenge Day 22

Today is day 22 of the 28 Day No Spending Challenge

no spending


In the last three weeks we have focused on food, cleaned and organized and taken some time for ourselves and gotten creative.

This week we are working on getting rid of things we no longer need by selling them to add to our already awesome savings this month.

There are a few options to sell your stuff.  Ebay, Craigslist, Facebook groups and yard sales.  But since it’s the longest winter ever here in MN I don’t think I’ll be holding any yard sales anytime soon.  But Let’s start with Ebay.

Ebay is great for high end, name brand items or speciality items.  I sold a very large portion of my lululemon clothes that I no longer wanted since I wasn’t working there anymore.  And in the first round of listing items some of them lasted for only a few minutes before people snapped them up!  So here are my tips for getting your name brand items out of your house, and on to someone elses!

  1. Take good pictures.  Make sure they are not blurry!  I’ve seen some many good looking items…but I can’t be sure of the quality or condition due to the pictures.
  2. Write a really good description.  Make sure that you specify the condition, any wear of the item or flaws.  If it still has tags make sure that is in the ad!  I also list my payment, and shipping policies to ensure that the buyers know that I do not take returns, that payment must be made within 24 hours and how I plan to ship it.  I also remind potential buyers to ask any questions prior to bidding.  I’ve been burned a few times, so I like to be really thorough.
  3. Respond to buyers questions quickly.  It helps boost your feedback, and it’s just polite to respond quickly.
  4. Make sure you’ve received payment prior to shipping.
  5. Ship the item out quickly.  Don’t make your buyer wait more than 2 days after you receive payment to ship the item out.
  6. Ship with USPS Flat rate.  It saves money, and it comes with insurance and tracking.
  7. Leave feedback after shipping.  I’ve left feedback for buyers, and sellers and not received timely feedback in return.  It’s annoying and makes me not want to work with those sellers again.

How to sell on Craigslist…

We’ve used CL a number of times, both buying and selling.   I like it, because it’s free first and foremost.  But it’s great to unload large items like furniture, electronics, and items to awkward to ship.

  1. Take good pictures.  Use natural light, it makes for better photos.
  2. Write a good description.  Personal connections to the items are not necessary.  I always stop reading listings that talk about who gave them the item, or why they are selling it.  Those long drawn out reasons for selling an item…no one cares.  Just talk about the condition of the item, how old it is, flaws etc.
  3. Don’t list your item at too high of a price.  Unreasonable prices mean your item will be overlooked.
  4. Leave room for a potential purchaser to bargain.  Leaving a little wiggle room in your pricing ensures that your item will sell, and potential buyers will want to pay what you ask.
  5. Don’t over list your item!
  6. Consider bundling items like clothes, toys etc.  You get rid of more at a time, and your buyer gets more bang for their buck.
  7. Be safe!!  Meet in a public place, like a mall or coffee shop for smaller items.  If you are selling large items make sure that you have someone else home with you just to be safe.

I am new to selling on Facebook, but here is what I know so far…

  1. Join a local group.  There are a lof of groups here in the Metro…so do some surfing and find a local group.
  2. Take a good photo.
  3. List it at a good price…
  4. Follow the CL steps above as this is pretty much like selling on CL if you don’t personally know the person.

And a few tips on Yard sales…

  1. Team up with friends or family.  We live in an apartment, so a yard sale for us is out of the question.  But we have friends and family that are homeowners so I’ve have hauled items to them for 2-3 day sales.  More people means more stuff, leading to a more successful sale.
  2. Promote!  List your sale on CL, blast it on FB, or even list it in the paper if you have some high value items.
  3. Take the time to prepare.  Borrow tables, or clothes racks.  Clearly price your items with tape or price tags.  If you are doing a group sale make sure you can identify your items with initials or a specific tag color or type.  Make your sale look nice.  I hate going to garbage sales disguised as garage sales.
  4. Be willing to haggle.  It’s ok to be firm on your pricing, but remember the key here is to sell the item…so you may find that you need to be more lax as the day(s) go on.
  5. Have a plan for leftover items.  Either CL, FB or Goodwill…the end goal is to be rid of stuff…not to bring it back in the house.

So today we will be working on listing some of our items on CL, Ebay and FB to make some space!

Happy Selling!



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