28 Day No Spending Challenge Day 23

Day 23!  Just 5 days left of our 28 Day No Spending Challenge

no spending


Who wants FREE money??  MEEEE!

We leave money everywhere…old wallets, old purses…forgotten gift cards…

Today’s assignment is to reclaim all that lost and forgotten money!  Head over to Ruth’s post, she lists some other great ways to make some additional cash with very little effort.

I of course have a few others!

Start a blog!  Yes, you can make money blogging.  Sites like wordpress and blogger are free…and depending on what you write about…you can make a little extra cash every month just by writing about what you are passionate about, and know about!

Become a Brand Ambassador and earn commissions when your link is followed and a purchase is completed.  I recently became a Brand Ambassador for a new company and love it!  And this one also goes back to the blog…I’ve joined a few companies affiliate programs and feature their ads on my blog in exchange for a small commission.

So today…dig through those couch cushions, old bags and backpacks and round up all that loose change, old gift cards and see what you can find!


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