Motivation Monday – Gymtimidation


I have a confession…

I am very intimidated at the gym.

And it’s not that I don’t know how to use the equipment, or anything like that.

Sometimes it’s just not that easy…

There are always so.many.people.  All the people are there, all the time.

It’s hard to plan a workout when I can’t do what I what, where I want.  I will admit…I miss my little gym.  I had just gotten comfortable lifting, just started to venture over the the “other” side of the gym…you know…with the weights, when I found out I was pregnant.  I loved what it was doing to my body, and I’ve missed it so much.  But the thought of going directly to the weights, solo…it scares the crap outta me!  Clearly I am out of my routine…and comfort zone here.

Smith Machine!I miss the community, the “Hey Krysty!” when I walk in.  I miss Rigby, the Anytime Fitness Plymouth Mascot, greeting me at the door.  I miss the smallness of it.  I poured a lot of sweat on that gym floor.  It was a few cardio machines, free weights, the squat rack, and some weight machines…and a usually empty studio.  Where I could HIIT it, cool down, or run sprints end to end and know that I was alone and that I was not being watched.  I could set up my circuits and know that they wouldn’t be disturbed, or anything taken.

But…I have The Babe, and they don’t have daycare.  I was very sad the day I realized I would have to give up my little gym.

So I have to get over this breakup and learn to embrace the bigness that is Lifetime.  I wouldn’t wish anyone to give up on their fitness goals, but I do look forward to seeing people taper off as resolutions wane.  But hopefully that means that they have just moved their workouts outdoors…like I will… when we see spring…

oh wait…

I hate snow

We’re never seeing spring. Ever.

How do I get over Gymtimidation?

After reading this post, I started to feel better about it.  But I was looking for some tips…some sort of tangible advice for getting more comfortable in the gym.  But alas…the only one who actually could give me advice…is me.  Because I’ve gone through this before.  So here is my advice from my former fit self to my currently out of shape self for getting over Gymtimidation:

Here goes…

  1. Smile and say “Hi” to people in the hall, the staff…and people who look a little lost.  Friendly faces are welcoming, and they will make me feel like I belong.
  2. Make an appointment with a personal trainer.  I got a free one when The Hubbs added me to his membership; but I haven’t used it yet.  This will help me get more familiar with the “other” side of the gym.  And be less intimidated about crossing over.
  3. Go to the gym more often.  Duh.
  4. Take a group class weekly.  This will help me see familiar faces on a consistent basis, leading to “Hey Krysty!”
  5. Focus.  Just focus on me, and what I am there to do.  Don’t worry about what other people think of you, and your current abilities.  They don’t know the whole story and if they want to play out a scenario that they think is true…then let them.

Have you ever been intimidated by the gym?  How did you overcome it?


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