28 Day No Spending Challenge Day 28

The end!

Today is day 28 of the 28 day No spending Challenge

no spending


Today is a day of reflection, and to look back at the last 28 days of no/minimal spending to see how our hard work has paid off.

I am also combining the last two days of Ruth’s challenge into this one as a wrap up.

Now that the challenge is complete…reassess your budget.  Were you able to cut unnecessary things from your budget?  Minimizing the wants and focusing on the needs can help you determine areas where you can cut your budget and live a little more lean.  Take a good look at where you were able to save the most and set up your new budget for those areas at what you spent this month.  This is something that The Hubs and I do every few months.  For example, if we have our budget for entertainment set at $50 a month (Renting movies, going to the theater and getting concessions, concerts etc…) and for 3 months we only spend $30 then we will adjust our budget to the $30 and reassess again in 3 months to see where we are at.

And the other important thing…now that you’ve saved all of that money…do not go blow it!  Put it in a savings account, and let it sit!  Hold it for a rainy day, stow it for a family vacation…or keep it as a cushion.  Car repairs, household repairs and well…even babies happen unexpectedly sometimes and having a bit of a cushion can make those unexpected events a little easier to deal with.

I gotta say…I am so glad that this challenge is over.  It was a struggle, and even though we were able to pay a huge amount on our credit card…and are now months closer to house hunting…I am not sure that could tackle this challenge again.  But it did get us to look at our spending a little differently.

How did your challenge go?


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