Motivation Monday – keeping the momentum

My Dietbet ends this week.  It’s my first, and I think it’s a really cool way to motivate people to lose weight…I am not sure it’s for me.  I love short terms goals, and 6ish pounds over 4 weeks is a great short term goal…but I never really felt the fire under my butt.  Luckily, with the help of Isagenix I have been able to lose my 4% just focusing on my diet alone; because it’s been way too cold to pack up the Babe on a regular basis and get to the gym.

So I need to find another way to keep my momentum going, and that is to focus on my training.  And work out at home when it’s too cold to go out.  But now that it’s March…I really, really, reeeeeaaaallly…hope that this swirling polar vortex of death will leave for good and we can have spring soon.

But what kind of stuff can I do at home?

nov 1 033

Well lots of of things!  First off I have a few workout DVDs, even a Mom and Baby Yoga DVD.  And now that the Babe is nearly 15 pounds…she’s big enough to build some muscle just from holding her!  We also have a few dumbbells, a kettle bell and then there’s all the body weight exercises that I can handle!

Which brings me to some of my goals for this year, and that was to do the Ab & Squat challenges again each quarter this year.  And It’s March so I’ve only got a few weeks left of the first quarter of 2014!

So I am rolling out the new and improved Ab and squat challenges!  These are much more intense than the originals.  I will be starting this on Sunday to follow my calendar for training and I will post before and after photos to show my progress.  So be sure to check back everyday for the next workout!  This week I will be focusing on getting my at-home gym set up!

30 Day Abs


30 Day Squat


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