New & Improved 30 Day Squat & Abs Challenges – Day 1

Welcome to the New & Improved 30 Day Squat & Abs Challenges!

abs squat header

I have revamped my old ones, and made them more fun, added new moves and even a Badass Bonus for any of you Badasses out there, or those of you looking for a bigger challenge!

First, I said I would take Before & After photos this time, because I didn’t last time and I am really curious how these new challenges will affect the baby belly and Mommy bum I’ve got going on.

So as promised


before 30 challenges

I’ve still got quite the preggie pooch there, but thankfully I never got any stretch marks.  Probably because my Babe was so small, my belly never stretched to it’s full potential.

And now for those challenges!  Here is Day 1 Abs

30 Day Abs w1d1

Do the 3 rounds, if you can…if not no worries.  The extra sets are to push yourself, not to hurt yourself.

And for your Day 1 Squats

30 Day Squat w1d1

Now here is your Badass Bonus.  Again, only do those additional rounds if you can.  The solo set is good enough!  It was hard!  After not working out for a while it’s a challenge…hence the name…

Check back daily for each day’s routine!

Go to day 2


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