Motivation Monday – Tips for getting your workout in first thing in the Morning

I am not a big fan of a morning workout these days.  I used to be.  But these days I’ve got a baby that hogs the bed all night…so my sleep is not as restful as it once was.  So I decided to share some of my tried and true tips to getting up before the sun to get that workout done!

morning person 2

1. Set your workout clothes out the night before.  Seriously…this makes a huge difference, especially if you share your bed with 2 big babies…getting ready in the dark is much easier if you have your stuff out!
2. Make your breakfast ahead of time.  Having those egg whites already peeled, and overnight oats in the fridge…grab and go baby, grab and GO!
3. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier, get up 15 minutes earlier everyday.  If getting up early is a struggle, and you feel like you are missing sleep, slowly start to readjust your sleeping schedule 15 minutes at a time.
4. Set your coffee pot to auto brew.  Hello…life saver some mornings.
5. Have a workout plan.  If you already know what you are going to do, say go to a 5:30 am hot yoga class (AHH-mazing let me tell you), or a 6am spin class…or even just run around the block before the kids get up; having a plan makes your morning laser focused.
6. Get an accountabili-buddy.  Knowing that you are supposed to meet someone, makes it hard to blow it off.  Get a buddy to meet you at the gym in the morning, or at your favorite running trail.
7. Do not hit snooze!  The first snooze leads to the third snooze…don’t do it!
8. Put your alarm on the other side of the room.  I one of those people that once I am out of bed, I am up.  So this one works really well for me.
9. Reward yourself for getting up by going to the gym.  My thought is that “Hey, I got up…yeah me!  I might as well not waste it…off I go!”
10. smile…you’re already up…so make the most of the day and go check out the sunrise!  Seriously…there is nothing like leaving the gym and seeing the sunrise.  I always feel like I have one up on the day when I get my workout in before the sun rises.  I start my day feeling super productive, and in an awesome mood.

morning person


2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday – Tips for getting your workout in first thing in the Morning”

  1. really great tips, i remember (fondly?) laying out all my stuff before going to bed. clothes, food, gear, etc. then tiptoeing around the house in the dark trying not to wake anyone. did that for a number of years

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