Winsday Wednesday – Setting realistic goals

Today we are talking goal setting.

Because I think that setting goals is really important.  It gets you thinking about where you want to be, and who you want to be, really.

Goals should be SMART.  They could be big, and awesome.  Make a BHAG,  Big Hairy Audacious Goal.  And to help you set your goals I made this little graphic for you…

Goal Setting

First your goal needs to be specific. Example:

  • I want to lose weight–NOT specific
  • I want to lose 40 pounds–Nice and specific

Being as specific as possible will help you reach your goal.  Too broad a goal makes creating a plan to get there too difficult.

Next your goal needs to be measurable.  In the example above, “weight” is measurable…but it’s not what we are looking for.  40 pounds is very measurable, on a scale and in how your clothes fit.

Your goal also needs to be attainable.  Let’s use the above example again but with more details.  Yes, this is my goal for the year…I started out at 165 pounds after having The Babe, so reaching that goal of 40 pounds lost is totally attainable.  I’ve done it before.  But let’s say I started out at 140…40 pounds is still attainable, but not maintainable.  Also something to consider if your goals revolve around losing weight and fitness.  Make sure you are setting goals that you can maintain if they refer to a lifestyle change.  Also using action words, and making the goals set in the present tense turns them into motivation!  Skip the “will”, or “want to”.  You have the desire…so make it happen.

Then, your goals need to be relevant.  Setting goals that make sense, and are relevant to our life, lifestyle, and income all play a big part in achieving success.  Make your plan, or your “how” part of the goal.

Lastly, our goals need to be given a deadline, or Time-Bound.  Create a finish line for your goals so that when you achieve them you can feel accomplished and be proud.  Again to use the example above:

I will lose 40 pounds by June 1st 2014, by eating healthy and exercising 3 times per week.

OK!  Now it’s your turn.  Share a goal in the comments…do you have a BHAG?


2 thoughts on “Winsday Wednesday – Setting realistic goals”

  1. I just set some pretty big goals for myself, but I think they are all on point with where I am at and where I am going. These are great mental checks to keep yourself from burning out!

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