New & Improved 30 Day Squat & Abs Challenges – Day 6

Here’s your day 6

30 Day Abs w1d6 30 Day Squat w1d6

Make sure that you are stretching those legs out after you complete the squat set each day.

This is also a great time to chat fueling your body post workout!  The point of doing these circuits is to exhaust the muscle, and break it down so that it will repair, or build more (Remember more muscle = more calories burned each day).  So make sure that you are getting good lean protein in your post workout meal.  Like a protein shake, I love my Isagenix Isalean, and Isalean Pro shakes after a workout.  It’s good stuff and doesn’t kill my workout with tons of added sugars and junk I don’t need.

Other great ideas:

  • Egg whites
  • Lean turkey breast rolled in a whole wheat tortilla
  • A banana & some natural Peanut butter

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