Winsday Wednesday – Getting back on track after a slip up or binge

If you are like me, then you’ve slipped on your “diet” and exercise at some point many points in the past.  Only recently have I begun to let it go…

And yes…that is a Frozen reference.  I have gotten a few emails about how to get back on track with eating healthy after a slip up…so today I am going to tackle this topic and give some of my tips to help get you back on track.

I struggle on a regular basis with food, because I love it so much and it is a comfort.  Why would I want to eat a salad when we have blondies?!  Who needs a shake when I have leftover pizza in the fridge?!  I should be eating that salad, and I need that shake if I want to reach my fitness goals.  But for me it’s not just about looking better, or being skinny…it’s about so much more this time around.  I have to be happy with me inside before I can focus on the outside.

So what to do when you have a binge, or fall of the healthy eating wagon:

  •  Learn to forgive yourself and let it go.  So you made a mistake, but don’t dwell on it or throw in the towel because you had a bad day.  I personally need to work on figuring out why I turn to food to make me feel better, or help deal with a stressful day.  But that is a work in progress and a post for another day.
  • Don’t wait until the next day to “start over”; make the change on your next meal.  Putting off what you can totally start today, right now is just another way to give up.  I am all for a cheat meal, or cheat day…as long as I plan it and know full well that it’s just that meal, or just that day.
  • Sit down and plan your meals, weekly.  Create a plan that you can stick with.  If it’s too restrictive, you’ll know by the number of slip-ups, and how often you find yourself craving something.  Also by doing this you can build in those cheats, and be able to see it in your plan.  Doing this will binge proof your diet.

daily meal plan

  • The other really important tip to preventing a binge…is to NOT bring binge worthy foods into the house.  If you only buy clean whole foods, you are less likely to slip up.  But we don’t always have control over what is served at a party, or how our food is prepared in a restaurant.  DO make good choices, DON’T lose focus.  I am pretty much the soul shopper for our house, so it’s my job to bring good foods, actual food into the house.  And then prepare them.
  • I mentioned it above, but have a plan.  Make sure you’ve got a solid plan in place for next time you feel tempted.  A meal plan, a shopping plan…a few go-to recipes that you know you can eat and that won’t get boring…even a buddy that you can call when you are tempted.

how to get over a binge


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