Mommy uncensored: I’m not Pinterest Perfect, and that’s ok

I remember when I discovered Pinterest.  I was working a job I hated, and it was an escape for me.  I scrolled endlessly through images of fit bodies, amazing looking foods and the most stylish living spaces.  I planned and plotted to try the crafts and DIYs…

But now I see them and think…who the hell has the time?!

I start a lot of projects that take months to finish.  Sometimes they never get finished.  The nursery wasn’t done when The Babe Arrived, and it’s still not “done”.   My Coffee bar is a “there I fixed it” with an antique dresser that was falling apart.

I’m fine with the fact that I don’t always make beautiful meals, I don’t create the most popular exercise routines, and that my house is a bit in chaos most of the time.  I try to get crafty, and do some fun and creative things in my home, and sometimes they don’t always turn out the way I thought they would…but I just think…”eh, that’s good enough.”  My good enough is totally ok.

I love Pinterest, but it’s a time suck.  Seriously.  I can spend waste hours scrolling through boards and and taking detours on other people’s blogs.  I’ve stumbled upon some of my favorite blogs that way.  I also think that Pinterest has given women yet another unattainable standard to reach for.  I love seeing these immaculate homes, fashionable clothes, and perfectly plated meals…but I don’t think that they are reality for most of us.

When I found out I was pregnant, I took to Pinterest right away because I was so excited to plan a nursery, a baby shower and my baby’s childhood experiences.  I did get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest…but I would have taken weekly Bump pics even without seeing similar photos…

PicMonkey Collage 8-17 PicMonkey Collage 18-27 PicMonkey Collage 28-37


They are not all perfect, they aren’t going to be the most popular or re-pinned posts…and I don’t care.  I didn’t take them for the whole world…I took them for my little world.  For my little Babe to see them and appreciate them.

I’ve shared some of my DIYs…but they do not all turn out the way I want.  Like my attempt 3 attempts at an Infinity dress for the Wedding…


The dress that still is not completed, and might never be.  Dude…do you know how hard it is to make a wedding dress, AND make it adjustable for a growing belly?!  Really hard.  Especially if you are not a seamstress.  But the dress that I ended up buying, 2 days before the wedding was unbelievably gorgeous.

we did it!


And yeah…those wedding pics…rock my world.

The ring shot


I may not be a Pinterest Perfect Mom or wife…but I am the Perfect Mom and wife for my family.


2 thoughts on “Mommy uncensored: I’m not Pinterest Perfect, and that’s ok”

  1. i’m with you…who has time to be that perfect! Pinterest is great…but I really just use it for links to recipes. My home will never be “pinterest post worthy”. I am no Martha Stewart and really don’t want to be.

    1. I use it for recipes too, and for blog promotion…exercise stuff but really…that’s about it. I don’t spend near as much time and energy there as I did once upon a time. I think it’s unhealthy (and weird) to be pinning baby stuff and wedding stuff when you are single. But I have found some great DIYs there from time to time.

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