MDRA Lake Johanna 4 Mile race recap



So the first race of the season is under my belt…and man oh man was it cold!  It felt like it was 20 below with the windchill.

Honestly I wanted to quit even before I started.  It was so cold, and I was nervous about the cold, and not having run much for oh, I dunno about a year! So I had a bit of an upset tummy.  Which as you know is the perfect combination for running!

Finishing time of 59:22. Splits of 14:20, 15:12, 15:06 and 15:24.  Not too bad after not running any sort of considerable distance in nearly a year due to the cutest baby ever.  It was brutally cold and it really sucked.  But I finished so I am proud.

The course was a hit hilly, and that’s ok by me.  I like hills, it is so much better than a boring flat course.  But the wind…oh the WIND…it was so bad.  Brutal.

I am so glad that I went out, that I didn’t quit and that I finished.

Next week I am running a 7 Miler with the MDRA…and now I am not as nervous about it as I was before.  I think the run next week is a trail run…so I am kind of excited!


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