Motivation Monday – Making A Running Playlist

I have a confession…

I cannot run without music.  Just can’t.  I cannot stand to listen to my feet slapping the pavement, and the huffing and puffing atrocity that is my running.  Especially since I am a slow runner, and working on changing that, music helps keep me moving.  And it also pushes me to run a little bit faster if the BPM is a little faster.

Today we are talking running playlists

Running playlist

The other confession is that I loathe the current pop music scene.  It’s not music, it’s junk.  But I digress.  The one and only time I listen to artists musicians singers people like Katie Perry, Ke$ha, or even One Direction is when I run.  Because the faster I run, the less time I have to hear that stuff.  I could write a novel about all the reasons why I hate pop music, but I won’t.  But I will admit that sometimes the beats are catchy, and the lyrics get stuck in my head for days.

There is a correlation behind listening to music with a certain threshold of Beats Per Minute (BPM) and running, or any kind of cardio really.  Not only that but I do find that there are some songs that do motivate with uplifting lyrics, and a “go-get-em” attitude.  But there can be a mathematical foundation for your playlist…read more here.

I shared my Women’s Half Marathon playlist once before but here it is again

WHM playlist

I actually still keep some of those songs on my main running playlist, but I have retired most of these just because they are so overplayed

So here is my new playlist

my running playlist

It’s not terribly different from the old one, but it’s ordered in a specific way so as to motivate, push and help me run faster based on different stages of the race to keep me on pace.

Some of the songs help get me going…like Boogie Shoes…and some like Burn remind me that the pain is temporary.  Shake it Out will always help me push through the Wall…and Tik Tok never fails to help me finish strong.  Some of these song titles become mantras for me through my runs, and races.

Building your playlist for a race or just a general training run can be tricky, but this post over at lifehacker has some great tips to help you build it yourself, or outsource it to an app.

Do you have favorite songs to run to?  What songs motivate you?


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