New & Improved 30 Day ab & Squat Challenges – Day 23

Happy Monday kids!!

Here’s your day 23

30 Day Abs w4d2 30 Day Squats w4d2

Keep in mind that for the Abs challenge the additional sets are optional!  1 run though at this point is pretty challenging…but push through more if you can.  I like to break my sets up throughout the day, it keeps me moving all day and then I don’t forget about it!

I will admit that I have been struggling the last week or two.  I have had the worst vertigo the last few weeks, not sure why…so it’s affected my balance and made those squats, especially the pistol squats very difficult.  I fall…a lot.  So if that is you too…you are not alone.

If you are still working this challenge…you are amazing.  I won’t lie…this one has been really hard for me.  As we are wrapping this one up this week, there is another challenge starting over at, check out the 21 Day Spring Bootcamp going on in this post.


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