Winsday Wednesday – Virtual Races

I love the running community.  They are pretty much the best people ever.  We run for anything.  We run for wine, beer, bling, any cause that will allow us to run in their name.  We run in tutus, we run in costumes, some of us even run nekked.  We run crazy distances, and short ones; we are impressively fast and we are slow.  No matter what your ability, or speed…if you put one foot in front of the other in a rapid fashion…you are a runner.


Now that I am a Mother Runner, making time and arranging for care for The Babe while I go run can be challenging.  Especially this time of year.  That is what happened to the 7 miler that I was to run this past Saturday.  Scheduling conflicts make choosing races a pain in the butt.  However…there are so many virtual races to choose from these days…most with medals and a shirt, that building up my collection of bling will be so much easier.  And there will be no snot rockets flying anywhere near my face.

So far I am doing 3 Virtual races, The We Stand With Boston 10k in 2 weeks, the Virtual Ironman Boulder, and The Fit Moms & Moms-to-be 5K in May for Mother’s Day.  I am exciting to be adding some bling to my collection, and I love that I can do these on my own time.

Most virtual races work the same: you register for it, and pay for the medal; some races are free but you won’t get that medal when you finish.  Then you run!  You can run it all in one sitting, or over the course of many weeks, like the Virtual IM for me.  You can walk em, swim em, run them outside, or on the treadmill.

There are now many sites popping up that only put together virtual races!  So now when I want to schedule a race…I just hit up one of these new awesome sites and grab my calendar!

There are so many sites offering virtual races, it means that there is a never ending stream of races to choose from!


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