Throwback Thursday

MSU 2004 001


Last day at MSU circa 2004…it was a rough year, and I don’t post this as an “oh poor me” sort of thing…I am doing it as a reminder that I do not want to go back to that. I am pretty sure that was the heaviest I’ve ever been at 167 lbs, even without a baby in my belly (I actually weighed less the day I gave birth). I might be smiling, but I was downright miserable. I am also calling myself out here…I am serious about this getting back to my before baby body and lifestyle of running, eating clean and healthy.  I’ve been slackin a bit as of late, and it’s time to get it back on track.

I am looking for an accountability team of Mommies that are willing to do this with me, follow my plan (because it worked before!) and be serious with me. It will require an investment, of time, of motivation and yes, obviously money. But I promise you that you will get out of it what you put in. I will be here to help you, as well as hundreds of other people that know this plan inside and out. This winter has dulled my sparkle, but I am so ready to get my glow back for the summer!

If you’d like to join my team sign up for the group here


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