Motivation Monday – How to build endurance in 5 easy steps

Building up  endurance can be one of those things that is easy if done right.  So today I am talking about how to build up your endurance for long runs, your regular cardio, or to help you get (back) in shape.

I feel like, having completed a few endurance events, I can have good endurance, but not great…and now it’s pretty much non-existent.  So that is one of the things that I’d like to work on with MIT now that the season has officially kicked off!

So here are 5 tips for building your endurance

  1. Do more than you did the last time.  Push yourself to do one more rep, run 1 more minute, add 1 more pound…even if it’s only a little…just push yourself to do more.
  2. Boost your heart rate.  Exercises that encourage your heart to get pumping, increases your stamina, thus increasing your endurance.
  3. Change up your terrain.  Running or walking on different levels of ground help strengthen your legs…hill repeats anyone?
  4. Cut out the crap.  Say so long to those sugary drinks, sodas, and dangerous energy drinks.  Carbonated drinks decrease your ability to get to maximum breathing and make you feel bloated and sluggish.  Also, fueling your body with clean healthy foods will ensure that your body is running at peak performance.
  5. Stretch!  be kind to your body after a workout.  Stretching prevents injury, and helps them to repair faster.  Recovery is so crucial to building endurance, and keeping you injury free.

how to build endurance


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