Winsday Wednesday – MIT training schedule

On Saturday our inaugural season of Moms in Training kicked off, and it is such an awesome thing to see that after 6 months of planning, tons of emails, and monthly meetings that we are ready to go!


Our first training is this Saturday and I cannot wait!  It is so nice to have a training schedule laid out for me again!  I have made schedules in the past few months, but with no specific goal to work towards…they were never really implemented.


Having this plan already put in place makes this so much easier.  And that is the wonderful thing about Team in Training and Moms in Training.  As participants we don’t need to do any of the planning for our workouts…other than if we want to carpool…and where we are going for breakfast afterwards!

I am mentoring this season, and it’s a lot of work, but work that I am so glad to do!  I have had tons of fundraising ideas rolling around in my head for months now!  It’s time to get to work on them!

If, my dear readers and loyal fans, you feel at all inclined to help me in my fight to end cancer please consider donating to my fundraising.  Every dollar matters, and makes a big difference to someone fighting cancer.  Just click the link below to donate!

Want to learn more about Moms in Training?  Watch this video!  Warning…you may want to grab a box of tissues…


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