5 Things Friday

5 things Friday

Yeah, so this looks like it’s going to be a regular feature now!

Here they are

  1. I launched the re-brand of the blog this week, and I am super happy/excited about it.  It’s been a fun couple of years as a runner girl, but now that I am a Mom…life is so incredibly different.  And it’s time to embrace that.
  2. I try to be a pretty happy person, but this week I shared a little bit about my struggle with infertility for NIAW, and the story of a fellow blogger.  I typically don’t share a lot of the sad stuff here, because I like to keep it light and happy.  But the truth is, I struggle with PPD everyday.  I wanted to be more authentic this year, so here it is.  I’ve been a bit depressed as of late.  Being home with The Babe, and doing most of it on my own, thanks to Tax Season, has been rough.  And the winter has not helped matters.  But now that spring is here…I can get some vitamin D and fresh air and this too shall pass.
  3. Someone needs to take my phone away from me when I drink.  I get goofy on social media and while I crack myself up…it’s just embarrassing.
  4. We are hosting The Hubs’ cousin and her fella this weekend…I cannot wait to meet them!  It will be so fun!
  5. I am looking forward to my race this weekend…Run or Dye…I loved The Color Run a few years ago, so this is going to be awesome!  I gotta remember to prep the car before hand this time!  I sorta spaced it before.  Note to self: remember trash bags, and junk towels!

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