Motivation Monday – 10 tips for Body acceptance

I’ve sort of been dancing over the fact that I am struggling to accept my post baby body.  But I don’t recognize it anymore.  It’s so different now than it was a year ago.  I constantly feel self-conscious about the jiggle, and the rolls.  Santa’s jello belly ain’t got nothin on me…

But…I sort of had one of those “It’s not that bad” moments last week.  I need to be thankful that I didn’t gain a ton of weight in my pregnancy, and that some of it has come off.  I also need to remember that there are women (and men) out there busting their butt everyday to lose weight.  So no more wallowing in I’m-too-fat-for-this City.  I’m moving to I-can-make-a-human-oplis and just love myself.  All of it…jello belly and all…and be thankful that jello belly has no stretch marks.

I complied a list of 10 tips to help with body acceptance, if like me, you are struggling with accepting your body after baby…or even before baby.  Because I did then too.  Honestly, our bodies are amazing things, and they can do some pretty cool things.

10 Tips for body acceptance




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