5 Things Friday


5 things Friday

Happy Friday again folks!  Gosh the weeks go by too fast, don’t they?!

Here’s the five…

  1. I got my Garmin 220 this week…and I luuurve it.  It’s so pretty, and awesome…and purple.  garmin (1)
  2. This #minnesotamonsoon might finally be over…nearly a week of rain and drizzle, and sn*w might finally be done with us.  It’s about time too.  This Mommy was about to go nuts…
  3. Over the last two months I amassed nearly 200 ounces of good-for-baby breast milk in my deep freezer.  It’s so amazing, and beautiful.  Now that little #babylove is getting more interested in solids I am considering, gulp…weaning…We’ve made it nearly 7 months, and she has been doing great.  But I think in the long run, this will make a much happier Mommy, and she’ll still be getting the good stuff.  But I will probably change my mind tomorrow about it.  Because everyday is different.
  4. I may, or may not have a shoe problem.  Just saying.  #teamskora #skorainsiders #teamstellar #ggs #girlsgonesportyshoes
  5. The Husband is off to La Crosse tonight for a boys night…and my first thought was…sweet #babylove and I can go to be at like 8!!  Yes, I am that lame on a Friday night.
  6. BONUS!!  Run This Mom is now a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador!  I found out this week that I was accepted into the program, and I am so excited!  This week I’ve been connecting with #teamstellar, and making new bloggy friends…it’s awesome!

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