Motivation Monday – Who motivates you?

Everyone has something that motivates them.  Or someone.  For me it’s always been a vision of future me.  The me that is active with my family, the me that eats healthy and loves it.  The me that is so glad I stuck with it in the hard times.  She’s the Mom that has it all together, the wife that has it all under control and the runner that get it done everyday.

There have been the occasional bikini-for-the-vacation motivators, but that doesn’t keep me going after the vacation.  And it doesn’t for most people I think.  Because if that vacation was your finish line…then what will keep you going?  But when I look to my goal, I see it as a lifestyle and not just a temporary thing.  That bikini, or these days the tankini gets me through a tough workout…but it doesn’t get me up for a workout in the morning.

Now I picture running with my daughter in a few years.  Over the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of joining a few running groups on different social media outlets and a few of the ladies run with their daughters…and it is so beautiful!  I love seeing the Moms and daughters running races together.  I hope that #babylove will be as into it as I am.  The Hubs ran cross country in school, so I know that we will both be encouraging her to pursue that as a sport.  But I want her to love it as much as me, and have a passion for it.

I was looking back through different vision boards I’ve made over the last few years and found this one from 2013, I had made it just prior to finding out that I was pregnant…

2013 vision board

My Mantra for 2013 was supposed to be Focus.  Achieve.  And while I totally focused on my baby, and achieved motherhood…I didn’t get to where I wanted to be.

Now that it’s well into 2014 I need a new vision board for this year and here it is!

2014 vision board


Have you ever made a vision board?  Share yours on the Facebook Page with the hashtag #myvisionboard!  I can’t wait to see them!


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