7 Months

7 Months

7 Months this week…I got super busy and have not had a second to share!

Hadley has not gained a ton in size this month, but she has changed leaps and bounds development wise. Rolling, sitting and feeding herself.  She loves drinking from a cup, and eating crackers.  She is still very much an observer, just like her Mama.  She takes it all in and then when the time is right she tries it out.  We do have some new words in the vocab…No being one of them, along with Bum, and baba.
This child continues to amaze me everyday, and I am so crazy about her. ❤


3 thoughts on “7 Months”

  1. Awww! I love this! I have been taking monthly pictures and writing up some monthly tidbits but haven’t put the two together! My own little munchkin woke me up at 5 am this morning but then fell back asleep but I’m still up, so now I have a project! Your little one is so SO cute! I want to bite those chubby little thighs or cheeks! In a not creepy or scary way :S I’ve been off the blog/internet grid lately minus quick IG posts here and there so it totally looks like I’m bombarding all of your social outlets! 😀

    1. You can stalk my social media anytime…since I’m thinking that we might be sisters from other misters…and thanks for the sweetness on #babylove! She is the bees knees! I am hoping to put all of the photos together in a book with the monthly stickers for her as a keepsake!

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