Motivation Monday – My Motivation wall

Over the last few weeks I’ve slowly been setting up our little home gym area again.  We took it down before #babylove arrived, purely for space reasons.  But now that we’ve canceled our gym membership it’s time to bust it back out!  I will be showing that off later this week, along with some tips to create a home gym space on a budget.

And part of that area is a motivation wall.  I want to show off my accomplishments and remind myself of how far I’ve come.  It’s also a place to post my goals and keep myself on track.

So here it is!

Race Medals

First I finally have a display area for my race medals and bibs.  I had forgotten just how many race bibs I had!

bibs and quotes

Next, some motivational quotes and goals for the rest of the year.  I hope that by seeing these in my face everyday will keep me on track this summer and beyond.

So I just got some cardboard letters, paint and some brushes and got to painting my RUN sign.  Next I just attached it to the wall with 3M Command strips.  For the Bibs I attached them to the wall with 3M command strips and a new product they put out…plastic clothespins!  They are really cool…so I can change them out without having to redo the entire set up!  For the quote/goal board I painted the frame of something I had gotten and used as a paint chip calendar a while back, but the spaces were not big enough for our lives…anyway…so it was just plain glass with a black backing…perfect for those neon dry erase markers I snapped up a while back.  I will change out the quotes from time to time, to keep it fresh and motivating.  It looks awesome and I am so glad that it’s done.  I have felt a lot of pride in myself over the last week seeing this up on my wall.

Do you have a motivational wall, or motivation board?  What keeps you inspired everyday?  Share a photo on the Facebook page with the hashtag #mymotivationwall


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