Workout Wednesday – How to build a home gym on a budget

Earlier this week I shared my motivation wall, and talked about our home gym space.  If you are like us, space in an apartment for workout equipment is hard to come by.  But I was able to carve out this little corner in our living room to hold a few things that I think are necessary to be successful at home.

Home Gym on a budget

It’s been a slow build over the last few years, and there is more that I would love to add, but spacewise it’s just not possible.  We did sell our stationary bike to our apartment complex, so that is downstairs in their community gym which we do have access to.

Here’s what we have in our home gym area:

home gym

The first thing that any home gym should have is a few hand weights.  We have 3 lbs, 5 lbs, 10 lbs, and 25 lbs.  Plus we also have an 8 lb kettlebell.  Hand weights are fairly inexpensive, and you can get them at places like Target or Walmart for cheap.  But if investing in these seems out of budget…get a few gallons of water!  They weigh about 8 pounds or so, and the sloshing of the water makes for great resistance.  Also soup cans will work in a pinch too for a 1-2 pound weight.  Plus I also have the #babylove and she’s nearing the 18 pound mark…


Next, we have some stability balls.  We have one large ball that I use for abs, and also bridges.  Then I scored these two at Goodwill for .49 a piece a few years ago.  Goodwill is also another fantastic place to score cheap home gym equipment like weights.  These are primarily used for yoga, but since I don’t have a Bosu ball (omg love them) only because they are spendy, I like to do push ups on these.  It’s a harder move to do, which helps to engage more of your core and tricep and bicep.

instability training

The hubs uses these push-up thingers…they are too tricky for me and I need to have my hand flat to do pushups.  But he loves them.


We also have a couple of yoga mats, again these can be pretty cheap, but can also be very expensive.  But I got these very cheap while I worked at lululemon.  But a beach towel works too as a workout surface.  Most of the yoga mats at Target range from $10 to $40.  I managed to get a mat for The Hubs for Christmas for $9 with a coupon.  Done deal.  He took that one to work…I love that he meditates at work.

yoga mats

I keep my workout videos here too…Yoga, Jillian Michaels…Mommy and Me stuff.  It’s like having a class at my fingertips.  Love it.  Youtube has tons, TONS of videos for free…


Our most recent addition is the foam roller.  Not so much for exercising…but for the after part.  Recovery is very important for any exercise plan that you have.  And I like to not be super sore after a run or excessive amounts of lunges or squats.  This one was $20 at Target.  You do not need to spend a ton on a foam roller.  And there are alternatives that you can use, like a lacrosse ball (tennis ball works too)…I always have one in my gym bag.  Al.ways.  Don’t use a rolling pin… it’s too hard and you will only end up hurting yourself.  My lacrosse ball cost be about $3 and I’ve had it for about 3 years now…so I’ve totally gotten my money’s worth by now.

foam roller

So that’s our home gym, and I think it functions pretty well for our needs.

Do you have a home gym?  Share your home gym on the Facebook page with the hashtag #myhomegym


2 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday – How to build a home gym on a budget”

  1. i go to CrossFit and tried to convince hubs to come with me, but he doesn’t seem to want to. So, for Christmas I got him a barbell, 300lbs of plates, and a squat rack. He was all keen at first but since then hasn’t done much. Hopefully he finds some motivation since it definitely wasn’t cheap. Along with the treadmill, full universal gym and pull up bar, we’ve got everything he could possibly need…yet he still sits on the couch and watches tv while I go off to bust my butt at CrossFit!

  2. oh…and I love my foam roller. A lacrosse ball would be another cheap investment that helps get out the aches and pains. I love rolling my feet with it!

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