5 Things Friday

5 things Friday

How is it Friday already…I mean I am not complaining, but I mean really Friday, Wednesday, Sunday…it’s all the same to me know.  It’s just a day.  But I feel like these weeks are moving at lightening pace!!

Ok so my random ramblings…

  1. I have felt like major poo poo all week.  Not sure if it’s just a cold, or spring allergies, or if it’s actually medically necessary to go to the doctor…but I could use a sick day in a major way.  And to add insult to injury I have in the throes of a major bout of insomnia.  Ugh.  Hoping the fresh spring air later today on a walk can help clear it out.
  2. I have flip flopped at least 3 times this week on the subject of weaning #babylove.  On Sunday I was so gung-ho to get it done.  Then by Tuesday I was not, and yesterday after the 2nd day of Nursing-strike-mageddon, I wanted to be done.  But then this morning I don’t think we are ready to go down that road just yet.  The nursing strike was entirely my fault…beet juice must make for unappealing milk.  Either that or my feeling under the weather has something to do with it.  I dunno, but we are plugging on with nursing for now.  Yay!  I spent months trying to build a supply, and just when I’ve gotten a surplus going (over 200 ounces in the deep freezer!!  And counting!)  It seems dumb to give it up.
  3. I mean really…just…really. ❤the cutness
  4. Is it Florida yet?
  5. Now that my Home Gym is fully set up and functional…I, er WE need to use it more.  Time to channel my inner gym rat and whip both the Hubs and I in shape.

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