Winsday Wednesday – Half marathon!

It’s official.  I registered for a half this fall.  I am doing the Scenic Byway Half Marathon in Belle Plaine, MN on October 11th.  I am really excited to have a half on my schedule this fall.  I am even more excited about training.  I didn’t really train very well for either of my 2 previous half marathons, so I want to really commit to this one and get a PR.  


My last half my time was 2:50:41…so I am going to set a BIG goal right now and say I would LOVE to finish this half in 2:30 or less.  But I would totally be happy with anything less than 2:40.  A 2:30 would keep me at around 11 minute miles.  Which would be much faster than any of my other races…or runs for that matter.  But I think if I fully commit to my training and, really what else would I rather be doing this summer than be outside running…I think that a goal of 2:30 is so very doable.  I am trying to talk a friend into doing it with me….but we’ll see how that goes!



2 thoughts on “Winsday Wednesday – Half marathon!”

  1. My goal for my last half was to finish under 2:30. I crossed the line at 2:29:55! And I couldn’t have been happier! Good luck and happy training!

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