We might need a U-Haul…

To pack all of the stuff that we need for our road trip to Florida…

ks phone 5.14.14 301

Holy crap kids.  Not only do the Hubs and I require a massive amount of stuff to be gone for a week and a half, but my gosh the stuff the #babylove needs!!

We’ve been making a packing list so that we won’t forget anything, and so that we make sure we’ve got room for everything.  Aside from the 3 suitcases there is a stroller, bedding, a cot and an air mattress, a high chair, toys, diapers and wipes oh my!

We do not have an SUV, we both drive Toyota Corollas and will be taking the Hubs car to FL, so we will be packing insanely smart for this trip and maximizing the space we do have.  A while back I shared this post about how to pack for a week in a carry-on…and how the author neglected to pack any unmentionables…

I seriously hope that we can fit everything that we need, and that we don’t have to leave stuff that would make this trip less stressful.  This is our first big experience traveling with a baby, I have gone to my parents home a few hours away, but this is the first time that all of us are going together…and this far from home.

But we are planners, and I know that we will make this a super success!

What are your travel tips?  Do you go minimal and pack the basics, or do you way over-pack?


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