5 Things Friday

5 things Friday

We are leaving on a jet plane…uh no actually we are driving to Florida.  Tonight.  Well, I am driving tonight.  The Hubs is driving tomorrow night.  So most of my 5 things this week all revolve around this trip…

  1. Oh my gosh the stuff.  Not sure how it will all fit in our car.  Seriously the stuff.
  2. There may not be enough coffee in the world for this trip.  May the caffeine Gods bless me and my alertness tonight.
  3. I am totally not where I thought I would be physically for this trip.  I foolishly thought that I could whip my body back in shape and sport a bikini on the beach, but I think it’ll be more like a mu-mu on the beach.  I am trying not to be disappointed with myself, but that’s so hard.  I’ve watched the months, weeks and now days go by and I am pretty much stuck in this spot for now.  This is sort of my mantra about a lot of things right now.  I am not letting myself go…I am letting go of the pressure and I am going to enjoy my vacation. 
  4. Two words: Pajama Jeans.
  5. Clutter has begun to attack me in my own home.  True story, I almost took out my eyeball this past weekend trying to get stuff out of #babylove’s closet.  We are going minimal when we get back.  Garagesalemageddon when we get home.  No joke.

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