5 Things Friday – Florida Edition

5 things Friday

Friday in Florida! Our last day here, unless I can convince the Hubs to stay one more day…


So here’s the five…

  1. Trekking across the country with a baby might be fun. But it might not be. In fact it mostly was ok, but it also sucked.20140604-235700-86220123.jpg
  2. I’m trying not to be upset that my BIL posted swim suit photos of me on Facebook… Instead I will use it as motivation to get my pre-baby body back.  20140604-235658-86218745.jpg
  3. PPD…you SUCK.
  4. Freaking love my SILS… @camiruthlifts…you are a goddess…and thanks for motivating me, and giving me a jump start.  20140604-235701-86221101.jpg 
  5. AHHHHHH I’m sun buuuurrrned! 

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