Mommy Uncensored: Living with PPD – you think it’s gone…but then it comes back!

And at the most inopportune moments.

Like on a family vacation.

I am still in Florida this week, to help out my SIL pack up and move out of her house, and to hopefully finish recharging.


I really thought that I had this PPD thing under control.  But I apparently don’t.  It was kind of a shock when it crept up on me last week during a family outing.  I was sitting there enjoying the ocean breeze from the pontoon and it hit me.  BAM…the urge to bawl my brains out.  Totally out of nowhere.  This overwhelming feeling of sadness blasted my joyous Florida vacation feeling right out of the water…pun intended.


I was able to get it together by the time we got to Shell Island, and enjoy the beautiful beach with my family.  So I thought it was over…


But then it came back!  Again.

At dinner with the family that night, and again on the date night with the Hubs.  But this time it was just the two of us, and I could communicate with him what I was feeling.  I am so glad that I was able to be open and tell him that I was feeling down, and that I didn’t know why.  I really should be happy!  I am happy, but incredibly sad at the same time.  And I still am, but I cannot for the life of me pin point exactly why.


We thought it maybe had something to do with vacation blues…but I figured that 3 days into our vacation was too soon for vacation blues.  And I truly am having an amazing time.  As is the #babylove


And this face…seriously…




2 thoughts on “Mommy Uncensored: Living with PPD – you think it’s gone…but then it comes back!”

  1. Sorry to hear the PPD has returned. Damn hormones! Have you changed anything in your diet? i’ve heard that some things help reduce PPD but others while at first give a lift, in the longer term cause some major downs. Hope you are able to get through it and enjoy your vacay. And #babylove is absolutley adorable!

    1. Thanks…it sucks, but I’m super glad that I can talk about it. The Hubs has been super supportive, and I’m so glad that he’s helping me through this. The only thing I’ve changed is eating starting to clean up the diet a bit. ☺️

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