5 Things Friday – Florida Edition 2.0

5 things Friday

#baby love and I decided to hang out here in FL this week, and it’s been really nice. More family time, more beach time…and we got to help my SIL Camilla, AKA Wonder Woman, pack up and move out of her house before she heads to Taiwan later this month for a couple weeks. I will call her Wonder Woman from now on because she is super motivating to be to stay on track, and she can leg press a ton. Literally a ton. A few days ago she asked if we could stay another week…we said YESSSS…so one more week in Florida…seriously a 3 week vacation in FL…um…duh?!


Wonder Woman and I have been keeping each other motivated, and eating right. On Wednesday night we headed to the gym to work off our cheat meals from earlier that day, Mine was a Dark Chocolate Hazelnut waffle and a large iced Mocha…ugh. And it was amazing. I was dripping on the treadmill (Splits 11:30, 12:30…NICE), and then did a quick circuit work out of Bosu pushup, Russian twits, and step ups with a bicep curl. And then Leg lifts in the captains’s chair, pulsing jump squats, and curtsey lunges. Yes, my legs hurt.

So my 5 this week are mostly health/fitness related revelations…

  1. I have to count my calories again. I can’t just eat mindlessly during the day anymore. So I am heading back to My Fitness Pal to track my progress. I will have to be really careful not to get too wrapped up in were every single calorie goes. The last time I was really getting too strict and it just was not healthy for me. I am going to focus on making sure that I track my meals for now, and focus on eating 5-6 times per day to get that metabolism revved up!
  2. I’ve gotten in 2 runs so far on this vacation. Therefore I am lame. I didn’t bring my training schedule with me, so I can’t remember what I am supposed to be doing! But I do know that I should be running!
  3. It is possible to stay healthy on vacation. I can make better choices when I am stuck going through the drive through. The Hubs has this thing for McDs…and I can’t stand it. But I can have the oatmeal, and a yogurt parfait for breakfast.
  4. #babylove is scared of the ocean.
  5. I miss my Hubs. A lot. It’s been a lonely week without him.  20140607-090048-32448317.jpg

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