8 Months

8 months

It’s hard to believe that my baby is 8 months old already! How did that happen? In a few months I will planning her first birthday party. Nuts.  I didn’t post this last week because we were super busy, and we had planned to be home by now.  But we are staying to help Wonder Woman with some house stuff…and hey…more Florida!

#babylove is getting so big, and her personality is really starting to show. She loves to laugh, and sings along with lots of songs. She is constantly dancing and grooving to her own jam. She is good buddies with the mirror baby, and loves seeing other babies. Food in pouches are the greatest invention ever, she loves them so much. And oh the BANANA SONG. I played it once to see if she’s laugh…but now she asks for it!! “Ba ba ba mama, ba ba ba.”

We are really missing Daddy here in Florida, and our mommy friends, and we can’t wait to see them next month when we come home.


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