Chewsday Tuesday – Weekly meal prep for success


If you are like me, and I know that some of you are…staying on track every day with meals can be a challenge.  As a new mom, trying to get a meal in is hard enough but getting a healthy one that takes planning and prep…forget it.  So today I want to share my 6 tips to help you meal prep and stay on track with good healthy and clean foods all week long.

meal prep

  1. The most important…MEAL PLAN.  Create, or find a meal plan that you can stick to.  One that allows for a cheat meal, or snack once a week.  One that makes it easy.  This should not be complicated.  I have shared a few meal plans and shopping lists in one of my most popular posts, Share the Wealth.  It has everything you need to know for clean eating, shopping list and some recipes.
  2. Set aside one day per week to prep.  For me, the weekend is the best time.  The Hubs is home, and then I can go into the week feeling setup for success.
  3. Keep it simple.  Get a slow cooker, or two (we have 2) and a rice cooker.  Then you can prep hands free and let the slow cookers do the work.  TIP: bake eggs, rather than boil them on the stove, check out this post for the how to!
  4. Wash and prep your produce as soon as you get it home from the store.  If it’s washed and ready to go, you are more likely to eat it.  Also, putting your berries and veggies in snack size baggies make it grab and go for those busy mornings.
  5. Prep foods that are versatile, like chicken or turkey breasts, brown rice, sweet potatoes, eggs and overnight oats.  These are foods that you can eat for multiple meals, and change up the recipes they are used in.
  6. Don’t forget the snacks!  Putting together grab and go snack options will keep you on track in between main meal times.  Almonds, fruit, Quest Bars, even some cheese in the correct serving size will keep you getting the right portions, and keep your plan on track.

meal planning prep 2Above we have baked eggs, fresh corn on the cob, chicken breasts, brown rice, and sweet potatoes whole, and chopped up with an olive oil drizzle.  This food lasted me, Wonder Woman, and little SIL Em a whole week.  We added the eggs, corn and chicken to salads, used the sweet potatoes for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  Added brown rice to salads, tacos, or as a side.  I did very little work for a lot of food.

  • Boiled corn, and cut off the cob (20 minutes)*
  • Baked eggs (35 minutes)*
  • Cooked chicken in slow cooker (4 hours)*
  • Boiled brown rice (45 minutes)*
  • Roasted sweet potatoes (45 minutes)*

*All of this was cooking at the same time, so pretty much an hour of really hands on cooking.  We have 2 slow cookers at home, and a rice cooker.  So this past weekend when I got home I tossed a bag of frozen chicken breasts in the slow cooker, and a bag of rice in the rice cooker both with a little chicken stock for flavor, put 18 eggs in the oven and walked away.  The bulk of my meals are now done for the week.  Super simple, and very quick.




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