Warrior Dash Race Review

On Saturday I completed my first obstacle race.

It was rough.  Like really rough.

WD map

I could not find an elevation map…but suffice it to say the hills were insane.  I am pretty sure that I can cross off ALL of my hill training until the end of time now.  It’s Monday and I still am not walking right.


The course started out flat for about a tenth of a mile or so and then we hit the first hill and they just kept coming.  The first of the obstacles was “Storming Normandy” where we crawled under barbed wire on our bellies.  Then the mud mounds, another belly crawl through PVC tubes, a wall climb (I had to skip the first part because there were no handhold within my reach…no help for the shorties WD?!), then the two X Fall, which I also had to skip because I could not keep my balance and fell 3 times before I got both feet on the board…but I walked through some crazy mud to get around it.  Next was a cargo climb, a blizzard to water that was a total shock to the system, and then the warrior peak (skipped that too because…heights) and then the FIRE PIT, Goliath…and mud pits complete with more barbed wire.  Which I almost grabbed onto to keep my balance but realized seconds before my hands grabbed it that it was infact barbed wire.


But let me go back to the Goliath…it was a HUGE gauntlet of insanity…a cargo climb up, then a belly cargo climb to another platform where a waterslide of misery was waiting for me, to a gigantic pool of mud that was up to my chest.  I slid down into it and went straight to the bottom and freaked out.  I am so glad that I plugged my nose.  It was cold I went I got out I was started to hyperventilate from the shock of the cold and having the muddy water over my head.



But boy was I glad when I saw the finish line.  I don’t think that I will ever do one of these again, it was really out of my wheelhouse and although the “fun” part was the after party; I was totally miserable during the event.  I heard tons of huffing and puffing from other warriors during the entire event.  And many thanks to Tattoo Guy for checking in during one of those last hills…I was about to cry I was in so much pain and so exhausted.

jphone 7.13.14 026

I was part of Team Anytime Fitness Plymouth…seriously love that place, so I am super thankful for the entry to the event, and the experience.  One of my friends mentioned that I looked happier in the after photo…I said “that’s because there was beer at the end.”



So that was my first obstacle race.  And probably my last.  Except the Hubs said it looked like so much fun.  Crap.


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