How to build a better booty

How to build a better booty


How to build a better booty you say?  With SQUATS.  And lots of em.  NOTE: the above photos are not of my booty….a baby and breast feeding deflated my booty so I am rebuilding it using the below tips and tricks!!

There are many different variations of squats that will help lift, round and shape your booty.  Looking for a booty challenge?  Check out these booty challenges

But squats are not the only way to build that booty.  A few other moves to add to your daily exercise routine are:

  • Step ups
  • lunges
  • stairs
  • Shoulder bridges, or one leg bridges
  • Fire hydrants
  • Donkey kicks, or standing donkey kicks (use a resistance band for more bang for your booty)
  • The Clam (think Thighmaster without the contraption…squeeze your buttocks…really squeeze it…LOL)
  • Deadlifts, Roman Deadlifts

Having a strong rear is not only more attractive…think about your favorite jeans and how awesome they will look with a fuller bottom, it will help your body run (walk, jump, skip or prance) more effectively.  Our glutes are in charge of a lot of motion for our bodies, and anything we can do to help our bodies be more efficient is always worthwhile.


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