(Half) Marathon Monday – training in less than optimal weather



Training for any endurance is event is never easy, and getting those trainings in no matter what is crucial.  But there is always the question: do I run in the rain/snow/cold/heat?  And the answer to that question is…what if it’s raining/snowing/freezing balls/hot as hades on race day?

When I was training for my first half it rained so much I coined the phrase “it’s not Team in Training unless it’s raining”.  Not to mention the insane weather here in Minnesota, cold one day too hot the next…

Princess Training 4_30_11 007

It was always a miserable time.  But if I skipped every wet, or cold training I would have never gotten any of my miles in.

So I thought I would share some of my training tips for getting some miles in during those not-so-awesome weather days.


*I covered a lot of this in the Gear post, but this is just a recap…

  • If you are training during the spring for a summer event, rain is inevitable so you might want to invest in some rain gear.  You could always wait it out, and go later…but some good rain gear will make a soggy run less miserable.  A jacket, pants, and good moisture wicking socks are great items to have in your rain gear arsenal.
  • When training in the cold, be sure to layer!  And layer smart.  Your base layer should be really moisture wicking.  You want that layer to pull all the moisture away from your skin.  It’s nuts I know, but even though it’s cold you sweat.  You mid layer should be a good insulator, but again moisture wicking.  The outer layer shouldn’t need to be too bulky, but if you live in the north where the temps dip…and the wind blows look for something that blocks the wind.  Not to mention the extras to keep you warm…hat, headband, gloves…that is all personal preference.
  • On the hot days…wear something lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking.  Don’t forget the sunscreen…and HYDRATE.

Personal Safety:

  • Use your best judgement…if the weather looks unsafe, it probably is.  Don’t run in blizzards and thunderstorms…just hit the dreadmill.  It’s not the most optimal training scenario…but you can get some miles in that way.
  • Always let someone know where you are going, but especially if the weather could be not so awesome.  There are a few great tracking apps for iphone and android that your SO or family can use to track you.  Wear a reflective vest, or light, and stay clear of roads with no shoulder.  Too many runners are hit and killed every year…be sure to be seen!
  • If you will be on a long run…get a friend or family member to set up shop at your halfway point as a water stop, or check in.  This is great if it’s raining and you can have a change of shoes and socks there…this is a good thing to have planned if race day is rainy too.  You’ll lose a few minutes changing; but avoid blisters (try to anyway) in the end.

So those are my tips for training in crappy weather…do you have any go-to tips for training is not so awesome conditions?


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