5 Things you need to be doing to lose weight

5 things you need to be doing to lose weight

You know the saying “If it was easy, everyone would do it.”?  Well…It’s not that hard.  It’s hard work, but not impossible.  Everyone should be able to do this.

Now I know that I am not 100% healthy all the time, nor am I the world’s most fit person nor will I claim to be an expert on fitness and nutrition.  I just know what works for me and based on my personal success here are some things that I do to live a bit healthier and lose weight.

  1. First…just say no!  To over-processed foods, fast foods, non-foods.  To soda, to super sized, to drive thrus, to GMOs, to hormones in our foods.  Convenience foods may be “easier” and “cheaper” but you are paying for it 10 times over with an overweight, sick future you.  P.S. An apple is way cheaper than a burger at McDonalds.
  2. Get moving!  Our bodies evolved because we became more mobile…they are beautifully evolved to be in motion.  Get your rear in gear and just do it.  Every damn day.  Yep, it’s hard.  You are going to hurt.  But what hurts more, being sore from a workout now, or being too overweight to play with your kids, or do the things you want?  I choose sore from a workout anyday.

  3. Don’t give into diet fads.  They might be great for a week or two, but once you resume your “normal” eating, and you know that you will…all that weight that you lost will come right back on, plus some.  You have to change your lifestyle.  And it has to be forever.  If you want to be healthy, then live it.

  4. Read food labels.  Take a moment and educate yourself.  It’s amazing what “food” companies will put in food these days…yoga mats as bread at Subway??  Eww.  No thanks.  If you are looking to Eat Clean (which, by the way is not a fad…that is what humans used to do before fast foods, and all of the above crap was invented to make you fat, and sick), try to stick to 5 ingredients or less, or at least be able to pronounce ALL of the ingredients and know what they are.

  5. Accept that you need to eat MORE to weigh LESS.   Restricting calories below 1200 per day, which is the minimum your body needs to function, will not help you lose weight.  And keep a food journal.  Especially if you are just starting out.  I know that I used to mindlessly eat.  Totally unaware…but tracking my food BEFORE it goes into my mouth makes me far more aware of how many calories I am eating.  I use My Fitness Pal, and I now know that I have to use it all the time.  It’s sort of like balancing your checkbook, you gotta know what you’ve got in the bank, or what you’ve spent…

These are things that I do everyday.  I give myself a cheat day every week, as a reward for working hard and kicking butt.  I don’t go all bananas and eat crap all day, but a little treat here and there is perfectly ok.  I sort of forgot about what hard work it is to live a healthy lifestyle (Mommy brain!) the first few months after #babylove was born.  But in the 8 weeks that I have been really buckling down and getting serious again the changes in my body are amazingly noticeable.  It does take work, but it doesn’t take long for it to pay off!


3 thoughts on “5 Things you need to be doing to lose weight”

  1. Krysty, good tip- I agree that you need to just say no. I don’t eat fast food or processed food, but just try my best to eat fresh and clean and it seems to work…But i have to ask…aren’t you using Isogenix? I guess I sort of consider that a fad diet, where (from my understanding from my close friend who did it) you “cleanse” and restrict calories…Just wondering how that fits into this.

    1. Yes I use Isagenix. A “fad” is all in how you use it. I have been using Isagenix for 2 years now, and plan to continue for the foreseeable future. I am sure that there are people that use systems like these to shed unwanted pounds, and then immediately go back to their normal eating patterns and gain it all back. It has to be a lifestyle change. I think that not eating junk, fast food or “foods” that do not contain anything resembling actual food can have a huge impact on the body and how you feel. And that is what I try to stick to.
      The cleanse is part of it, but not the only part. And I am unable to use that product because I am still nursing. I use the shakes as a meal replacement, a post workout recovery meal or snack. There are multiple ways to use the packs, and there are several to choose from. When I first started using Isagenix I was looking for that “get thin quick” thing because I was so bored and burned out eating chicken and veggies, and doing the same old workouts…I lost almost all of my weight pre-Isagenix; so it has been a supplement for me. And now when I generally only get to eat one handed, the shakes a prefect. The cleanse part can be beneficial, but only if it’s done right. I used it as a daily supplement, rather than restricting my calories for an entire day, or two and I saw much better results doing it that way; and then there is no calorie restriction which does more harm than good, in my opinion.

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