Throwback Thursday

getting started


I am remembering today how I first got started.  It was a long hard road, and I am so glad that I stuck with it.  I need to be reminded of this lately…that we all start somewhere and that sometimes we take a few steps backwards.  But backwards steps are not always failures.  Just steps backwards.

So I have been MIA all week and that is in many thanks to Comcast and their lack of providing the services that we pay for…meaning no internet for days after setting up our new computer.  Which we really love, and I am so glad that we have the internet back.  I have realized that I do not like being disconnected from the world!  Yes I have a smart phone, but it’s not the same as sitting at the computer and surfing the web!

Today we are headed out to our weekly mom and baby group and will be saying goodbye to one of our mommies and babies.  They are moving to Mississippi and we will miss them so much!

Do you look back at how you got started?  How do you remind yourself of your journey?


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