5 Things Friday


Happy Friday Friends!  It is a beautiful morning here in Minnesota and it’s going to be a busy one!  There is so much to do, and I want to spend a few hours outside today!

So let’s get to the five!

  1. #babylove is officially crawling.  Woot!  high five
  2. I met with my new trainer last night.  Leg day.  Ow.
  3. I tried that crazy wrap thing a few weeks ago…and had some pretty awesome results.  Remember how I was super skeptical a few years back?  Well, after seeing actual results from one wrap…I decided that since I had been proved wrong, I joined It Works! Global and am now a distributor!  If you wanna try that crazy wrap thing too…shop hereMy results 1 wrap
  4. I have been really neglecting my training these last few weeks due to a back issue.  Thankfully I am seeing an awesome chiropractor, and seeing and feeling improvement already!  I am looking forward to hitting the trails again soon!
  5. I have picked up studying for my CPT again with a different company since my awesome gym is lending me tons of study materials!  I am looking forward to my study session tonight at Caribou!CPT or bust

I feel like so much has been going on this week that I have not been able to share with no internet.  But thankfully it’s back!


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